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Alyson Noel Alyson Noel

Film news: Optioned by producers Charles Matthau and Michael Zoumas, to be developed as Glimmerville, with Andrew Orenstein (Ghostwriter, Malcolm in the Middle) and Matt Hastings (The Handmaid's Tale, Spinning Out) attached as showrunners.

Field Guide to the Supernatural Universe

Field Guide to the Supernatural Universe
  • Nominated for the Massachusetts Children's Book Award

Stranger Things meets Sideways Stories from Wayside School in this quirky supernatural middle grade novel from New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël about a boy on an unlikely quest to uncover an enchanted book to defeat an unearthly nemesis.

When he first started seeing ghosts, Max mistakenly assumed everyone else could see them, too. Now, after years of being blamed for the pranks of mischievous spirits, Max is determined to do whatever it takes to make himself normal. But when he's sent to spend the summer with his eccentric grandfather, Ramhart, being normal becomes impossible.

Here in Glimmerville, bakeries sell enchanted pies, the lake is infested with mermaids, the town's beloved ghosts roam free, and Ramhart himself is celebrated as the world's most famous monster hunter. At first, all Max wants is to survive the summer, but the more time he spends in Glimmerville, the more he starts to wonder if he's finally found a place where he can truly be himself.

But when a supernatural attack steals Ramhart's soul, Max—with the help of a few new friends—must go on a quest to find his grandfather's renowned Field Guide, an enchanted book that contains all the knowledge Ramhart has gathered about defeating unearthly nemeses. And if they don't find the book fast, Glimmerville will crumble into chaos, and Max will lose the only person who's ever made him feel at home.

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"Noël weaves myth, folklore, and conspiracies with wry humor and bone-chilling moments, creating an entertaining deep dive into the paranormal."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Noël combines a quick pace, zany characters, and plenty of comedic relief to create a quirky adventure with heart. Strong themes of family legacies, personal mythologies, and destinies—if slightly heavy-handed—enhance the cautionary tale of hiding one's true self. The over-the-top first-person narration keeps the tone infectiously light. From a Chupacabra to mutant glowworms, the creatures encountered mix the familiar with the original for delightful worldbuilding. Max and family are White by default, but side characters add some ethnic diversity. Spectral silliness with high appeal."

"Narrated by Max in a droll, self-deprecating voice, this middle grade paranormal adventure by the award-winning Noël (the "Immortals" series) is irresistible. Sure to satisfy, the plot contains a cast of colorful characters including bogeys, school bullies, zombies, a monkey king, and a craven Chupacabra. VERDICT A captivating and diverting read with loads of action and humor, with a bonus lesson about accepting who you are. Recommended for purchase."
   —School Library Journal

"Noël's latest middle-grade offering is full of quirky characters, ghosts, and zany adventures. Maxen (Woodbead) Smith is 12 years old and completely normal in every way—except for the fact that he can see ghosts. It's probably because he's the grandson of the famous ghost-hunter Ramhart Woodbead. When Max is sent to live with his oddball grandfather in Woodbead Mansion for the summer, everything seems normal at first . . . too normal. Until Max discovers the truth about Ramhart and a book called Field Guide to the Supernatural Universe. Max must face his worst fears, but there are scarier things in the normal world than demon dogs and mischievous spirits. Noël's fast-paced story combines humor and action, along with the more serious theme of losing a loved one."

Margaret K. McElderry Books, (March 2022), ISBN: 978-1534498235