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Alyson Noel Alyson Noel

Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon

(Novel for Adults)

When flight attendant Hailey Lane learns the rest of her trip has been canceled and she can fly straight home to spend her birthday with her boyfriend, Michael, she's thrilled. Her early arrival will allow for some additional date night prep time, a definite bonus as she's convinced Michael is about to propose. But when she walks through the door, the surprise that awaits her is not at all what she expected. And as she grabs her bags and flees the scene one thing is clear—her entire future has just been rerouted.

So Hailey does the only thing she can: she sets out on a worldwide trip to fix a broken heart. And thanks to free flight passes and long layovers in exotic locales, she finds herself with more options than she could have ever imagined...

From New York to Paris, from Puerto Rico to Greece, Alyson Noël takes us on a trip filled with mojitos at every layover, outrageous passengers in every seat, and a cute guy at every gate, as Hailey tries to write her own happy ending.

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Fly Me to the Moon

"...Noël's wonderfully written romp elicits fun, surprise, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of the airline industry. 4 Stars."
   —Romantic Times

"Sex in the City at 37,000 feet."
   —Publishers Weekly

"If you're looking for a great vacation book, look no further than Fly Me to the Moon by Alyson Noël."
   —Shelly Walston, Watermark Books

"Quite entertaining."
   —Anne Sutherland, The Gazette

"...Noël has penned a solid adult novel debut."
   —Lisa Davis-Craig, Library Journal

" ...Using laugh-out-loud humor and realistic everyday situations, Alyson Noël produces a fun journey of self-discovery that shouldn't be missed."
   —Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

Fly Me to the Moon

"Alyson Noël's Fly Me to the Moon ...like a "Grey's Anatomy" of the skies, with friends and power plays and a woman who needs to find herself before she can ever really find love... It's easy to cheer for Hailey, who is smart and warm if a little confused, and who learns—as we do—that the pleasure is not in the destination, but in the journey itself."
   —Barbara Samuel, Bookpage.com

"...A humorous look at the life of a flight attendant, and I commend her for originality."
   —Diana Risso, RomRevToday.com

"Fly Me to the Moon is a fast-moving and funny story. Alyson Noël has a knack for creating funny circumstances in which to put her delightful characters. It's an amusing story that you won't want to put down."
   —Francine Brokaw, The Skateboard

"From New York to Paris to Greece, Fly Me to the Moon is a breezy, sexy tale about those other jetsetters. Watching flight attendant Hailey discover her own wings—ones not pinned on a polyester blazer—is romantic, hilarious, and moving. Open to page one and prepare for takeoff!"
   —Liz Ireland, author of The Pink Ghetto

Fly Me to the Moon

"A fun, fast, and engaging novel. Packed with wonderful characters and witty dialogue, the book draws you in with laughter and delight."
   —Cheryl Holt, author of Too Tempting to Touch

"A charming journey to self-discovery that takes flight from page one. Fly Me to the Moon is a sweet and funny adventure of love, friendship and finding one's way in the world... readers will love Hailey Lane's first class tale from 30,000 feet."
   —Jennifer Coburn, author of Tales From the Crib

"A first-class inspired romantic romp through the turbulent life of loveable, bumbling flight attendant/writer Hailey Lane. Part Sex and the City, part Plane Insanity, part A Portrait of the Artist, this sweet gravity-defying book is as bubbly and welcome as a glass of good champagne."
   —Lori Jakiela, author of Miss New York Has Everything

St. Martin's Griffin, (December 2006), ISBN: 9780312355081