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Alyson Noel Alyson Noel

Praise for the Riley Bloom series



"A tale for lovers of the genre . . . For those preteens who like a mild supernatural adventure with romantic overtones, you go, ghost."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Riley, who appeared in ghost form to her older sister, Ever, in Noël's bestselling Evermore, takes center stage in this middle-grade spinoff, first in a planned series...her wit, attitude, and maturation should have readers gladly following her into the second installment."
   —Publishers Weekly

"This new series is by the author of The Immortals where readers first meet Ever and Riley. Narrating in a contemporary voice with an honest and comfortable cadence, Riley is imperfect, but always likable as she sweeps readers to her faraway land where she makes herself and readers assess their behaviors and, quite possibly, make adjustments. In the midst of this wildly fanciful setting, Noël is able to capture with nail-on-the-head accuracy common worries and concerns of today's tweens."
   —School Library Journal

"...fast paced and witty . . .an entertaining start to a strong series."
   —4 stars, RT magazine

"I loved that I finally got to see an insight into Riley's point of view... Her quick wittiness and sarcastic comebacks had me laughing. . . [Noël] was able to catch that young voice and portray it beautifully. . Radiance is a great summer read. . . If you love The Immortals Series, then you will like this book. I give it 5 BITES!"
   —Books With Bite

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"Another highly creative and well thought out series for Alyson Noël! Noël creates another imaginative world that is so well described it sucked me in from the very beginning. She has a very poetic style of writing... An exciting and inventive story that will appeal to any middle schooler, and may even teach them a thing or two. I highly recommend."
   —Bellas Novella

"Radiance is a sweet story, a perfect summer read... Like The Immortals series, Noël's world building is superb. Radiance was the perfect book to tide me over until the next Immortals book comes out. As far as middle-grade books go, it's one of the best I've read."
   —I'd so Rather be Reading

"I think I found a great new series with tons of potential, and that series starts with Radiance. . .This book is so cute!"
   —Bloody Bookaholic

"This read is perfect for any age especially younger teens! It's beauty and simplicity blend perfectly with romance and humor. I'm sad that I must wait until next year for Shimmer, the sequel. I will definitely miss Riley, Bodhi, and Buttercup! Also the cover is just beautiful!"
   —Novel Thoughts

"Riley is such a great, refreshing character and I loved her voice. She has some great inner monologues that made me laugh out loud. . .I really enjoyed Radiance. It's the first in a middle grade series, but I'd definitely recommend YA fans of Alyson Noël to pick it up. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next with Riley and Bodhi."
   —Mundie Moms

"Riley is a unique character. She is sassy, feisty, and funny. . . If you are a fan of the Immortals, and always wanted to know what happened to Riley after she leaves Ever, you will want to read this book! If you have not read the books, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the wonderful writing of the author."
   —Mrs. Yusko, Evergreen Junior High Library

"I felt like I hit the jackpot when I read Radiance. It has a feisty girl as the main character, a lovably dorky boy, and a loyal dog. Add a plot with unexpected twists and a completely stunning ending and you've got one sweet novel. . . It was one of the most unique endings I have ever read. SWEETNESS!"
   —5 Stars, Reading Vacation

"I must admit there is not one thing I don't like about this book. I just listed all the pros and there are no cons. I would rate it FIVE STARS."

"Alyson Noël's Radiance is a promising start to a new and fun series for middle grades. . .Noël has outdone herself with this one. . . it's humorous, it's heartwarming, and it's extremely entertaining. . .All in all, Radiance is a series that middle grade girls will love. There's a feisty protagonist, a swoon-worthy pal, an adorable yellow lab, and an incredible setting. What more could middle schoolers want?!?"
   —Confessions of a Book Addict

"Radiance has a fast-moving storyline with lots going on, urged on by a natural curiosity and fascination for the afterlife. Riley is a wonderful companion for the story, full of energy and curiosity, with a streak of arrogance battling with a bit of insecurity. Noël has an amazing talent for words, creating a rollercoaster of emotions with tickling curiosity, delicious spookiness, overwhelming sorrow and sparkling hope. This new series has an awesome beginning, and there's plenty of potential for more riveting storylines. Fans will be looking forward to the second installment, which is due out in the spring of 2011."
   —Chris Shanley-Dillman, Kidsread.com



"Noël ably captures the cadence of tweenspeak in this lively, action-packed adventure."

" . . .Understanding and enjoying this book does not hinge on having read Radiance (Square Fish, 2010), but readers will be quickly drawn to Riley and want to learn more about this spunky character and her previous experiences. The author's sharp contemporary wit in concert with her fascinating fantasy setting and important historical connections will draw readers through this enjoyable novel and have them begging for Riley's third adventure."
   —School Library Journal

"There's just something about Riley that I absolutely love! She's spunky, sassy, funny and even though she's dead, she's so full of life . . . Although these books are mid-grade books, they can easily be enjoyed by adults as well. Riley shines! She is a superstar! I'm intrigued by the thought of the Here & Now and I can't help but want to see what adventure Riley will find herself in next."
   —4 Stars, Bookwormygirl

"Shimmer is a fast, fun and intriguing read. An excellent installment in the series . . . I look forward to see how things turn out in the next book."
   —Anna's Book Blog

"Radiance was a great start, and Shimmer continues the awesomeness. I absolutely love Riley as a character—she's fun but flawed and Noël captures her tween voice so well...Overall, these are just some wonderful books... I'm really excited for the third book in the series, Dreamland, out this fall!"
   —Book Chic

"I really liked the message Shimmer has. To love and forgive is to be free from hate and anger. I would recommend this for middle graders and fans of Alyson's Evermore series. I'm looking forward to reading Riley's third book, Dreamland when it's out this fall."
   —4 Stars, Mundie Moms

"It's an appealing story with very likable characters, but it also will make you think about what life-after-death might be like... Yet Shimmer is never heavy-handed or preachy with its underlying message. It is primarily a fun, enjoyable read, and you'll be rooting for Riley to succeed at freeing herself, Bodhi, Buttercup, and everyone else Rebecca has made her prisoners."

"I adored Radiance, and Shimmer was just as good. I'm still amazed at Ms. Noël's ability to see through a 12 yr old's eyes and write about themes such as slavery, and the horrid things that happened during that unpleasant time in our history, while always keeping a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Shimmer was a wonderful read and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to reluctant readers. It ends with some unanswered questions that I'm sure will be resolved in the next Riley Bloom adventure, Dreamscape, coming this fall!"
   —My Bookish Ways

"Bestselling author Alyson Noël gives fans the second book in her fascinating series about Riley Bloom and her life after death. The character of Riley brings a lot of energy to the story, and her clumsy but heartfelt attempts to do what's right are endearing and contagious. Her strong views on life (and the afterlife) and her bickering with the frustrated Bodhi are amusing and compelling. She uses a clever approach to sharing the many horrors of the characters by taking Riley's first-person point of view along with her when she steps into the others' nightmares, experiencing their terrors as her own. She also offers quite a few interesting topics and words of wisdom on which readers can contemplate during and after reading, including destiny, free will, fate, the fact that "words have the power to harm or heal" and that "anger and guilt mixed together made for a pretty strong brew—one that could trap a person forever."
   —Chris Shanley-Dillman, Kidsread.com



"Good story! I love that each book brings a new element to Riley's world ... Riley's loneliness is heartbreaking. She longs for change. Being forever 12 years old isn't the greatest notion to deal with. Ever and Riley have a beautiful scene in this book, that I think fans will love. Dreamland is a fast adventure, a fun read. Fans of this author will have no trouble enjoying this new story."
   —Anna's Book Blog (Audio Review)

"This series is really special and I love recommending it to younger readers. It hits on a lot of topics like self-acceptance, the ability to learn from your mistakes, as well as the important concept of maturity... I really can't wait until the next installment."

"I love the Riley/Bodie dynamic. This third book shows more than ever how attached Riley is to her young guide Bodie... This series is very charming because Riley's delight and enthusiasm are infectious, though she experiences some loneliness and wistfulness, too."
   —All-Consuming Books/Reviews by Tiger

"I have to congratulate Alyson on another amazing book in the RILEY BLOOM SERIES... If you've followed the IMMORTAL SERIES then you're in for a little surprise. I really enjoyed that bit in the novel and I'm hoping for more glimpses... All in all a lovely read and full of lessons that some of us could take to heart but in the end Riley is growing into a mature young lady and I cannot wait to see what Whisper holds for me."
   —Bookworms Corner

"Riley is a sassy character, and although her fiery drive gets her in trouble, I think that quality is what totally made this book enjoyable."
   —LULU The Bookworm



"A sweet, well paced book for tweens, Whisper is perfectly written for young readers. Noël handles fundamentally heavy subjects with humor and grace, allowing her heroine to come of age in the afterlife. Noël's characters and mythology were accessible and charming. Even the sticky issue of a heroine coming of age in the afterlife was handled with aplomb, neither downplaying death nor harping on darkness . . . Whisper is note perfect for a young reader who is already trying to find their place in a teenage world."
   —All Things Urban Fantasy

"Absolutely loved it . . .The word whisper plays an important role in this story, where Riley again outwits the souls she is entrusted to help cross over. The world of ancient Rome is seductively described by Noël and you really feel like you are in the Coliseum cheering on the gladiators. This is safe for the youngest of teens and is a series that even the most reluctant of readers will get into."

"I really adore this series . . . Whisper is the fourth book in the series, and it is my favorite book yet . . . Riley's got a great voice that most kids and teens will relate to in one way or another. This series is also great for reluctant readers. Each book is short enough and paced so that the reader will not lose interest, and although the covers are pretty, boys and girls alike will enjoy these books."
   —YA Litwit, 4.5 stars

"I found Whisper to be a quick, fun, engaging read that I just know will be a hit with many of my older students. I also think teen and adult readers will enjoy this story. I did."
   —Knight Reader

"Whisper is such a cute novel. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Riley is such a likeable character and easy to relate to, and Alyson's writing style is engaging and easy to read . . .I would recommend this as a great read for upper MG, lower YA, or for anyone who enjoys reading MG/YA."
   —Krazy Book Lady

"Whisper is Alyson Noël's fourth ghostly adventure with Riley, and each one is a delightful and intriguing journey into human nature. Noel weaves in many important life lessons for people of all ages, and does so with a vividly descriptive voice. She enriches her tale with symbolism, limerick, foreshadowing and some well-placed alliteration. Of course, the star of theshow, the spunky and enthusiastic Riley, shines throughout the pages, bonding with the readers in both her failures and triumphs. Her boundless energy and quirky sense of humor make her the perfect traveling companion to explore the interesting and oftentimes violent aspects of the ancient gladiator world. Noël even includes some romance to sweeten the ride. And, like the three previous books, the pretty cover art continues to shine and entice."
   —Chirs Shanley-Dillman, KidsReads.com

"Whisper is an enjoyable book and a great installment in a series that is entertaining to adults and younger readers alike."
   —Tara Calaby